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Wig Kinds

There are 4 kinds, Lace Front Wigs, Full Lace Wigs, Thin Skin Wigs, and Invisible Knots Wigs.

In today's high fashion and celebrity watching, a lace front or full lace is the most popular. We can see these wigs in the movie industry and music videos. For a lace front and full lace wig tailored especially for you, shop our custom lace front and full lace wigs. Select the lace front and full lace wig that is closest to the hairstyle you want.


  • Lace Front Wigs
    Lace Front Wigs are wigs that extend a small piece of lace mesh about 1 inch outward from the front of the base unit.
    We put the icon in "Product Attribute", and the lace front wig's icon is lace front wigs. It means if there is  a "Lace Front" icon, it's Lace Front Wigs.
    You could see the cap construction from following picture: There is a mono lace at the top, which is a smooth but easy tearing lace. More information about mono lace, please view Lace Material.
  • Full Lace Wigs
    Full Lace Wigs are wigs that extend a small piece of lace mesh about 1 inch outward around the base unit, and some have elastic strap at the back.
    Our in-stock lace wigs are mainly full lace wigs, so we don't show clearly the "Full Lace" icon.
    Thin kind is the most popular. 90%-95% of our customers choose and are fond of. You must define your hairline to cut the extra lace around. To the first-time cut, please read our little Tips or view videos in YouTube.
  • Thin Skin Wigs (It’s PU usually said)
    Thin Skin Wigs are wigs that the bottom layer base is made from Polyurethane.
    thin skin wigs is thin skin wigs icon. There are 3 types of thin skin wigs in accordance with thin skin size. Please click here to view the cap construction about cap styles.
    And now, we talk about Full Thin Skin, which also have extra thin skin mesh. However, as the particularity of thin skin, our worker could cut the extra thin skin mesh for you. In additional, full thin skin wigs are not suited for hot climate, because it's un-breathable.
  • Silk Top
    The wigs with Invisible Knots are called Silk Top (What's Invisible Knots?). The invisible knot wigs icon is: invisible knots product.
    Generally speaking, invisible Knots wigs only have extra lace at front area. You could check the following pictures.
    Because there is an area with invisible knots, which is most at front, it takes about 40 days to produce without rush option. So, this kind wigs are expensive. Of course, this wig is hard to detect cause of invisible knots. More information about invisible knots, please visit our Hair Knots section.
More icon introduction please visit Icon Legend.


Following is the 4 kinds wigs pictures. These pictures are the model of wigs, but referring to custom wigs, there is something different.

lace front wigs full lace wigs
Lace Front General ViewFull Lace General View
full thin skin wigs Silk Top wigs
Full Thin Skin General ViewSilk Top General View
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