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Washing Correctly the Lace Wigs?

Before washing, using either a vent brush or a wide tooth comb to comb the hair gently and silky firstly, and then place the wig into the water (temperature about 25 to 30 centigrade) that has been pre-mixed with shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes, and do not submerge it for a long time so that it will be easily shed.

After submerge, cleaning it gently by hand but not rubbed it with strong power in order to avoid the hair broken and shed.

At last, rinse the clearly and put it to the suitable model by air dry and can not make it dried by hand or washing-machine and avoid insulation under the sunlight for long time, when the wig is almost dry (about 90% dry) , you should comb the hair gently which make it more soft and silky.

Please check the following regulations:
  1. Don't put the shampoo into the hair directly, because more Saponaceous things will damage the hair bottom. If the shampoo have no effect, maybe for the hair is too dry, we should irrigate more water instead of adding more shampoo.
  2. Washing your hair twice, we can get off the oil-abstergent and some adjutant things on the first time, and once again just make the hair fleecier.
  3. Never change the shampoo usually, unless the quality of hair is damaged.
  4. Use warm water to wash hair, it can make shampoo more effective, if the water is too hot, it will make hair too dry and will damage the quality. But when the water is too cold, the shampoo will pulse away completely.
  5. Use the cold water again after washing your hair clean, it can make your hair glossier.
  6. Make sure that using the right condone first, pitied can strengthened the durable of your hair and your base. The witty things can make your hair more silky and glossy.
  7. Using condone as follows: using towel to make your hair dry, at least get away the left water, it there is too much water, the conational can’t be absorbed effective.
  8. The cantina should anile at the middle of the hair .never anile to the bottom next to base.
  9. Put your fingers into your hair gently, do your hair silky slowly, and make the conational to distributed homogenize and smoothness.
  10. Adding a litter Gangland-oil into your conational, because it can make your hair to get deeply care.
  11. Make good use of stream of bath .Put the mixed conational into hair smoothly when you are in base; don’t care about it, because the stream can help the conational impenetrable.
  12. Before using shampoo, make sure that the hair is quite smoothly.
  13. Using the total absorbs the left water, don’t scorn the hair hard. After that, use the wide-tooth comb to comb your hair, we can begin from the bottom, then pass the middle till acclimate the whole (from the base to bottom), using your hands to anchor your part of hair which you are combing in order to the comb push away the hair.
  14. Don’t brush the hair which is wet, as it is easy to shed.
  15. Before straighten hair, first, make it dry 80% with blow dryer, towel or waiting, after that, the hair should be natural dry completely. If your wig is curly, create hairstyle when the hair is damp or original curly is hard to be realistic.
  16. If you have the baby hair or fixed hairstyle, brush the hair when it is damp, so it is easy to fix the hairstyle.
  17. Don’t cure the hair to the comb directly as it is easy to mixed. Make comb from up to down when back the button hair.
  18. When the hair is dry, change the hot to cold, in order to reduce the damage.
  19. If you want the button hair curly inside or keep the hairstyle longer, comb leave in original place for 30 seconds till the hair cool after it dry.
  20. Let blow dryer away from hair at least 3 inch. Don’t blow the same place as the hair maybe char.
  21. Add a nozzle to blow dryer, make the heat bends, keep the airflow straight down.
  22. Anile a layer conditional which is made the hair glossy, then flat the hair.
  23. Try to use the hard comb with the natural rubber point of osculation in order to reduce the damage to hair.
  24. In order to add the under prop which is from the base hair, you can try to use a hard comb with the rubber point of osculation.
  25. A good blow dryer should have two heat adjustment and two airflow adjustment. It’s best to have a cold wind button.
  26. If you detect much dander, it’s possible crud when create hairstyle with clean shampoo one time every week. The way to text you hairstyle thing after day if there is crud is that spray it to mirror until it dry.

There is another method to wash the hair. The details please view this link.

Length Style Style With
Short Straight / Wavy any combs or brushes
Short Curly Wide-toothed comb or brush out with fingers
Chin Length Straight Any combs or brushes
Chin Length Curly / Wavy Wide-toothed comb or brush out with fingers
Shoulder Length Straight Any combs or brushes
Shoulder Length Curly / Wavy Wide-toothed comb
Long / Very Long Straight / Wavy Wide-toothed comb
Long / Very Long Curly Brush out with fingers
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