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Testimonials and Feedback from customers

WOW!! It's so gorgeous you could FREE GET $15 Gift Certificate as submit the Testimonial and Photo of you wearing Mywigsbox Wigs or Hair Wefts.

If you have no photos but only testimonial of your units, you also could be presented a $3 Gift Certificate.

Please NOTE:

  • Please send no less than 2 Clear photos. Otherwise, make sure the photos are at least 500×500(px).
  • Once you submit these photos, it’ll be considered that you grant us the permission: Processing and Uploading into Mywigsbox.com.
  • The Right of Final Explanation Reserve to Mywigsbox.com.

Please send the photos with your order number to sales@mywigsbox.com.

How to submit a testimonial?

1) Find out which unit you place before, you could click here to view your orders.
2) Click into and write a review at the end of the page. Please view following image.
show you how to write a review
3) Fill out the form and then click the "Save My Review" button.

Of course, you could feedback to us.