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Product Samples

At present, in mywigsbox, we do NOT provide product samples in lace wigs, mono top, men's toupee, lace frontals, hair wefts, which the hair source is Human Hair.

But samples are available for Part Wigs, Clip-in Hair Pieces, Hair Bulk, Hair Braiding and Hair Pro-tipped all items for $10 each.

For every $10.00 that you spend on samples, you will receive a $10.00 coupon to be used as a discount on your next order of $400.00 or more, excluding shipping. You many purchase as many samples as you like. (Maximum sample credit of $15.00 per order)

Orders for samples are processed about 5 - 7 working days, which depends on your item. The samples are shipped via the UPS or International Post Office (Which is better for shipping?), but shipping fee should be borne by you.


How do I order samples?
You order samples only via our online chat or e-mail. At present, it couldn't order in store system.

Is there a shipping fee for samples?
Yeah, the shipping fee should be borne by yourself. But you could choose the carrier.

How can I get my samples fast?
It takes about 5 - 7 working days to produce the samples, which depends on the items. Part Wigs, Hair Braiding are longer than others. However, the delivery of UPS is faster than post office. So if you choose UPS, it takes about 3 working days.

Can I track my samples?
If you choose UPS for delivery, you will receive a tracking number when the package is on the way. But if International Post Office, it couldn't be tracked online.

Can I place more than one order for samples?
Yes, but you can only use one coupon per order. So even if you order samples more than once and have more than one coupon, you can only use one coupon on any order.

Will all my samples come together?
If you order more than one sample at the same time, in general, we will ship to you together. If not, we will inform of you in advance.

Why do you charge for samples?
We charge for samples up front, but give you your money back when you place an order.

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