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Order Processing Times

In-stock Order Processing

Almost immediately after you place your order you will first receive an order confirmation email. It is at this time that we will begin processing your order.

Processing involves receiving your order, transmitting the information to the shipping department, and packing the product. Due to the large number of in-stock products and the product type (Sometimes wigs are more quickly dry than other products), processing times will vary from item to item. This can range from 24 hours to 3 working days, depending on both the shipping department and production department.

That's the reason the items will be shipped within 3 working days.

Custom Order Processing

The custom orders are not the same as in-stock orders, because it has production lead time.

To the Lace Wigs, at present, we have 4 types production lead time. Our regular lead time is: 25 - 30 days, and 3 are rush orders, as shown below list. The price is also different.

Production Lead Time Days Extra Price
Usual Lead Time 25 - 30 NO
Rush Lead Time 20 - 25 $10
Expedited Lead Time 15 - 20 $20
Urgent Lead Time 12 - 15 $30

To the Hair Extensions, there is no rush orders, so the Regular Lead Time is: 15 - 20 days.

When the items are completed, you will receive a email. Immediately, we arrange this order's shipment. The more information, please view customize page.

If there is in-stock item and custom item in one order, due to your receiving in time, we may separate this order and you will receive a separate shipping notification email for each item that you purchase.

Shipping Notification

When we receive confirmation that your item has shipped from carrier, you will receive a shipping notification email from us containing your Tracking Number. With this number, you could track and monitor the progress of your package as it is in transit to you.

Please NOTE: The tracking number you receive from us in an Order Status email during the evening may not be updated on the carriers website until next morning. You may also track your order on our website (login not required).

The more information about shipping, please view our Shipping Policy.

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