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Hair Source in mywigsbox

Our wigs are extremely delicate and not something that can take much abuse. In most cases, it is made of natural human hair, and the wig is put together by hand. Hand-making the wig helps to ensure that each strand of hair is put in correctly and perfectly, which is part of what makes these types of wigs look so realistic.

The person who makes this type of wig, commonly called a "wigmaker", can spend hours on any one wig. The placement of hairs on these wigs are sometimes so perfect that the wigmaker will even add delicate baby hair to the edges of the wig so that it looks incredibly realistic.

The hair used to make a lace wig is selected so that it matches the wig user’s hair as completely as possible. This type of wig can be styled, but it must be handled in a very careful manner so that the hair is not pulled out or the lace does not become damaged. Assuming the hair in the wig is human hair and not a synthetic fiber, it can also be styled with a curling iron, a blow dryer, and a ceramic flat iron.

Hair Source

There are 5 types hair materials in mywigsbox.com: Indian Remy Hair, Chinese Remy Hair and Indian Virgin Hair, Chinese Virgin Hair, and Malaysian Virgin Hair.

  • Indian Hair & Chinese Hair:
    Indian Hair is softer than Chinese Hair. Indian Hair has a little own natural wavy, without having to undergo the extra processing,  and also, it has more body and therefore is a better choice for making wigs.

    *Some customer like European Hair, which is very soft and silky, and is preferred by many Caucasian women. Unfortunately, we do NOT have European Hair. It's not only considered rare but also quite scarce.

    Most of our in-stock wigs are Indian Remy Hair, so if it's a Chinese Remy Hair, we will put the Chinese Remy Hair icon: Chinese remy hair product in Product Attribute.
  • Remy Hair & Virgin Hair:
    Remy Hair means that the hair is cuticle aligned regardless of whether or not it has undergone any form of processing.

    Virgin Hair, simply means unprocessed, so the hair may or may not be cuticle aligned/cuticle correct/cuticle intact (i.e. cuticles all run in the same direction as they did when the hair was growing from someone's head). It is the hair which cut from one donor directly, and it has never been any processed by Chemically. It is in very top quality.

    The same as above introduction, if the in-stock wigs are produced with Virgin Hair. We will put Virgin Hair icon: virgin hair product in Product Attribute.
  • Malaysian Virgin Hair:
    Malaysian Virgin Hair has intact cuticles and has not been chemically treated. The texture is sleek and straight, with the slightest hint of a wave when allowed to air dry. This attention grabbing, beautiful hair moves and flows freely and is perfect if you prefer a sexy, straight look.

    If the item is Malaysian Virgin Hair, we will put the icon: Malaysian Virgin hair products in Product Attribute.

Baby Hair

Baby Hair is a few shorter strands of hair added around the edges of the wig to help the hairline appear more natural.

Single & Double Drawn Hair

  • Single Drawn Hair
    Single Drawn hair is hackled and trimmed on one side. All the hair is in one direction, for example, all the roots will be at one end of the processed bundle. This high quality process allows for a very small percentage of hair to be outside the specified length of the bundle. This processing keeps the hair from tangling after it is bleached or dyed. This is very popular in Europe with the high quality hair extension who prefer this type of processing for their products. This hair is collected from Temples (particularly ladies hair).
  • Double Drawn Hair
    Double Drawn hair is hackled and trimmed on both sides and it will have uniform sizes. This can be prepared from Temple cut hair, which is Remy, or from comb waste, which is collected in villages and in houses. This hair is used for manufacturing of Wigs, Hair Pieces, and Men's Toupees etc.
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