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Hair Textures & Colors & Length

Hair Textures

We have 8 typical hair texture: Indian Silky, Indian Natural Wavy, Yaki Straight, Kinky Yaki, Egyptian Natural Curl, Peruvian Curl, Brazilian Wavy and Indonesian Body Wavy.

We show you the general view of these 8 types hair texture.

Indian Straight Indian Natural Wave
Indian SilkyIndian Natural Wave
Yaki Straight Kinky Yaki
Yaki StraightKinky Yaki
Egyptian Natural Curl Peruvian Curl
Egyptian Natural CurlPeruvian Curl
Brazilian Wave Indonesian Body Wave
Brazilian WaveIndonesian Body Wave

Hair Color

There are more than 38 kinds of colors, and you can choose her favorite color(s). Of course, you could put 2 or more color to mix, streak or spot. In addition, we could produce the Ladder Color: the hair root is one color, and the rest of hair is another color, such as 4 inches #1B at root and rest is #16.

Following is our color chart. We also sell this color chart set. Please check here to purchase. However, we will add new color or change the color rate if possible. So please subject to our Color Chart Set.

If you do not watch clear, you could view the Color Description here.

Different settings on individual monitors may distort or change colors. The safest way to get the color that best matches your own hair is to take advantage of our Color Ring.

Hair Length

We can create hair lengths up to 28 inches and as short as 6 inches on lace front wigs, full lace wigs, thin skin wigs and invisible knots wigs.

In general, there are two methods for measurements of hair length.

One is that it is measured from top to tip on wigs.

The second is that hair length is measured by hair. Please view following picture:
Show hair length on head

All length of our in stocks are measured from the hair strands. It means all hair strands are the same length corresponding with it shows. More information, please contact us via Live Chat or e-mail: sales@mywigsbox.com.

Hair Density

Hair density is simply how many hairs are added to your hair system base. In earlier years, high density was necessary because the base materials were usually made of thicker materials and would be easily exposed if hair density were low.

More recently, with the advance of thinner base materials such as lace and thin skin, low density tends to look more natural especially with the see through look along the hairlines. You can chose different hair density in different areas of the base.

Most of our wigs are made with Medium Density (120%). Also, if your favor, the wigs can be made with high density.

We have 6 kinds of hair density below:
  • Light density is an average head of hair.
  • Light to Medium density is considered 110% thickness of an average head of hair.
  • Medium density is considered 120% thickness of an average head of hair (This is thick).
  • Medium to Heavy density is considered 130% thickness of an average head of hair (This is very thick).
  • Heavy density is 150% thickness of an average head of hair (This is very, very thick).
  • High Thick density is 180% thickness of an average head of hair (This is extra thick).


There are 2 hairline types: Standard Hairline and M-shaped Hairline.

  • Standard Hairline
    It's straight hairline, but with a little radian.
  • M-shaped Hairline
    Just as its name implies, the hairline is M shape, which also be called Widow's Peak.

Standard Hairline & M-shaped Hairline

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