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Design Options for Orders by Custom

Your Cap & Hair Color, Hair Texture

There are almost 8 styles of Cap Constitutions (please view our cap constitutions), and 38 kinds of hair colors, 8 styles of hair textures (please view our hair texture and hair color).

However, if there is no your favorite, you could submit a clear image of your favorite hairstyle or color for us to duplicate on your wig, including Cap Constitutions, Hair Colors, Hair Textures.

You could submit it via our Live Chat, or official E-mail address: sales@mywigsbox.com.

Limitations & Difference

It could be produced as the images you offered. But you know, it's pure hand-tied, and the hairstyles of some actress or star are designed by artist. We are not the professional beauty bar, so there may be something different, especially the hair color.

In addition, different monitors have difference in hair colors.

As the Orders by Custom, we produce as your requirements, especially the measurements. However, some clients felt it was not fit. That may be because they did not measure their heads carefully and clear.

And how to measure the head measurements exact? Please view this link to view Taking Good Measurements.

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