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Cap Constitution

Cap Base is also important because of close your scalp. Additionally, you’d better consider the breathable and durable of the cap base, as well the climate of wearing wigs.

Cap divides into Front, Temples, Top, Sides, Crown and Back. Check the photo below:

cap parts 6 block

Lace Material

  • Swiss Lace
    Swiss Lace is soft and hard to detect. Also it is breathable and very comfortable. It's more undetectable than French Lace.
  • French Lace
    French Lace is slightly thicker than Swiss Lace and quite strong. It is stretchable, light weight and very durable.
  • Thin Skin
    Thin Skin is undetectable and hairs are individually injected through the fine poly skin base, it’s easy to apply or remove glue for cleaning. But it's un-breathable.
  • Stretch Lace
    Stretch Lace can be stretched very well but easy to detect.
  • Monofilament
    Monofilament is thin gauze, with the edge easy to split. Close to transparent.

Cap Constitutions

There are 8 types cap constitutions. Besides the 4 types we described earlier in Wig Kinds, there are 4 other types:

  • Stretch Lace At Crown
  • Stretch Lace From Ear To Ear
  • Stretch Tape At Ears
  • Thin Skin Around Base

Following is the General Views. These pictures are the model of wigs, but referring to custom wigs, there is something different.

lace front wigs full lace wigs
Lace Front General ViewWithout Stretch General View
full thin skin wigs Silk Top wigs
Full Thin Skin General ViewSilk Top General View
Stretch Lace At Crown wigsStretch Lace From Ear To Ear wigs
Stretch Lace At Crown General ViewStretch Lace From Ear To Ear General View
Stretch Tape At Ears wigsThin Skin Around Base wigs
Stretch Tape At Ears General ViewThin Skin Around Base General View

What's the difference between Stretch at crown and Stretch from ear to ear?

That's not very different between both the two cap constructions. However, the cap of Stretch from ear to ear could adjust the Circumference and the measurements of Forehead to nape of neck, and the same on the Stretch at crown just could adjust the Forehead to nape of neck. Otherwise cause of the little stretch lace, you could wear ponytail.

Lace Color

  • Flesh-colored (Close to transparent)
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black
  • Light Maize
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