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Washing Your Lace Wig Unit at Home

Posted on 8th October 2010

A good lace wig cleansing alternative that will save you time and money is washing your lace wig unit (yourself) at home. Just peep our quick and simple....

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Choosing The Right Color For Your Celebrity Lace Wig

Posted on 28th September 2010

Hair color is just as important as the style when choosing the right celebrity lace front wig....

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Is She or Isn’t She?

Posted on 24th September 2010

Walk into any hair salon in the country and you will find women who bring with them pictures of glamorous Hollywood stars...

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Measuring Your Head For A Lace Front Wig

Posted on 21st September 2010

When ordering a custom lace front wig online, you will be required to measure your head so that your wig will have a perfect fit....

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The Pros and Cons of Contact Glues

Posted on 17th September 2010

When it comes to applying your lace front wig, be it anyone, we would come up with two options. You can either make use of contact glues...

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Choosing the Best Lace Color for You

Posted on 14th September 2010

What is a full lace wig? A full lace wig is a hair wig that is made with entire lace as its lace base. Each strand of hair is expertly hand tied to the lace base. This makes the hair give an illusion like its coming from the scalp. In most...

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Introducing The Cap Constructions In Detail 2

Posted on 10th September 2010

Last time, we only posted part of cap constructions. Today, we are talking about the rest cap constructions.

Lace Front:

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Introducing The Cap Constructions In Detail 1

Posted on 7th September 2010

Lace wigs have a cap constructed with super lightweight lace materials or a combination of lace and other materials. The cap is designed for customized fitting. The edges are trimmed to match the clients natural hairline and the wig is ...

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Approved Reasons For Return From Shanghai China

Posted on 3nd September 2010

Some clients sent the wigs to us for repair or exchange, but they did not write the waybill consulting our notice: http://www.mywigsbox.com/pages/Shipping-&-Delivery.html. So as the package was detained by the Customs....

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What They Said - How I Care For My Wigs By Linda

Posted on 31st August 2010

Editor's note: Our Customer, Linda Samuels, share her experience how to take good care for the wigs. It's very valuable. As you all know, different store have different maintenance systems, the same as that different person have different care methods...

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